4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler

4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler

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    How to make a steak in the oven

    The steak made in the oven begins by being cooked in the frying pan and is finished in the oven. The result? A crispy steak on the outside and very juicy on the inside. Learn how to do it.

    Baked steak? Do not be surprised at the novelty. With this technique the steak cooks evenly, keeping all the juices inside. The steps are quick and simple. You should just make sure the steak is high and that the cut is indicated

    You will need

    • Board
    • kitchen knife
    • kitchen roll
    • kitchen brush
    • oven frying pan (non-stick pan or tray and oven)
    • kitchen caliper
    • Foil

    Steak with 2 to 3 cm (steak of the empty)

    • 1 c. Of olive oil soup
    • 1 c. Coffee flower
    • 1 c. Ground black pepper coffee (optional)

    Step by step

    1. Place the steak at room temperature
    2. Dry the excess moisture from the meat with a kitchen roll sheet
    3. Brush the steak with olive oil
    4. Add salt and pepper
    5. Using your fingertips, lightly press the steak so that the seasoning penetrates inside the steak
    6. Place a non-stick frying pan or skillet to go to the oven. Let warm and place the steak. Just 30 seconds on each side to seal the meat .

    Take the steak in the oven for a full four minutes (two minutes on each side)

    • Oven skillet: take the steak directly in the oven pan
    • Oven pan : place the steak directly on the pan

    7. Remove steak immediately and cover with aluminum foil for five minutes. Concentrated juices in the interior return to the surface, while the muscle fibers relax

    8. Beef tender and succulent – ready to serve

    How to Clean Cooker and Oven: Step by Step

    By being in constant contact with greasy foods, the stove needs daily care to avoid the accumulation of dirt and damage to its parts. We prepare a step by step how to clean stove and oven and leave your kitchen flawless.

    Is there anything more stressful than getting home from work, wanting to cook a tasty meal and come across the whole greasy stove ?! Of course not? But do not worry, we prepare a step by step that helps you how to clean stove and oven quickly and practically.

    Here’s how to clean a stove

    • Remove all parts (grills, nozzles and burners);
    • With the soft part of a cooking spout, apply neuro detergent over the entire top surface of the cooker to remove excess dirt;
    • Then use a degreaser of your choice, or just a mild soap-water mixture;
    • To remove the degreaser, use paper towels (wipe with a damp cloth if necessary);
    • To finish off and give that shine, apply little amount of white vinegar (another kind can stain your stove) using a soft dry cloth or paper towel.

    Tip : Enjoy these ingredients and also clean the glass lid.

    Cleaning the cooker parts

    You will need:

    • Hot water;
    • Sodium bicarbonate;
    • White vinegar;
    • Lemon drops.


    • In a container, add 500 ml of hot water;
    • Mix a solution of sodium bicarbonate;
    • Juice of a lemon;
    • 1/2 cup white vinegar;
    • Leave the nozzles and burners in the sauce for approximately 5 minutes;
    • Rub the parts with a steel straw;
    • Dry them with a clean dry cloth.

    Grilles need deeper cleaning. Check out how to do:

    Tip 1

    You will need:

    • Zipper bag / garbage bag;
    • Ammonia (easily found in pharmacies);
    • Steel wool;
    • Soap / neutral detergent.


    • Put the grates in the bags;
    • Add five tablespoons of ammonia in the bag and close it completely;
    • The degreasing action of ammonia is in the gas it releases;
    • Let the solution act for at least 12 hours and at most 24 hours;
    • After this period, wash the grates with steel wool and soap.

    Note : the ammonia smell is very strong and if you have any kind of allergy, we recommend wearing a mask and gloves during the application.

    If you do not want to wait all this time, check out the second tip:

    Tip 2

    • Apply hot water over all grates, mixed with five tablespoons of white vinegar;
    • Rub them with a steel clown;
    • Let them rest for five minutes;
    • Apply liquid saponacea to a steel wool and rub them again;
    • Finish by rinsing them under running water.

    How to clean oven stove?

    You will need:

    • White vinegar;
    • Sodium bicarbonate;
    • Cleans pasty oven.


    Ah! Make sure the oven is off and completely cold.

    • Using a brush, apply the clean oven throughout the internal area of ??the oven and also in the door;
    • Let the oven clean act for 30 minutes;
    • Apply to the glass part of the oven door with a dry cloth, a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, and let the solution act for 30 minutes;
    • After this period, lightly rub with a cooking spout, the entire surface of the oven;
    • Finish with a clean, damp cloth to remove the products.